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Your dog and his diet

As the responsible car giver to our pets, we need to be sure that we give them a good balanced diet. That we can be sure is going to help them live a healthy life. With so many foods to choose from how do you know which is best?

In today's society, are pets are becoming more and more major parts of our family. Diet is a large part of keeping your dog healthy and in this article we will share some facts about proper nutrition for your dog. Just like humans, all dogs are different so you might need to make slight adjustments depending on your dog's dietary needs.

Dogs diet needs to consist of not only meats because they are carnivores, but they also need a daily allowance of vegetables and grasses. Knowing what your dogs needs are can help you keep them healthy. After all, they are part of the family right?

Before we got involved in a dogs diet by providing them with these prepackaged foods, they were left up to their own devices. Their diets consisted of prey they caught and ate raw, fruits and berries of the season and grasses. In today's day, we are crazy when our dogs are running after something and the thought of them killing another animal is not what we like to think of.

Today it is not near as socially acceptable for dogs to eat their kills. I know that it's hard for us domesticated humans to understand but dogs and cat as like most animals are born hunters. We have, over the centuries, trained them to rely on us for their nourishment.

Another thing to consider when choosing a dogs diet is the breed of your dog. In addition to breed, the function of the dog in regards to working can influence the nourishment your dog needs. Lap dogs have a different dietary need than a working farm dog or a dog breed that is from the North Pole.

While traditional commercial foods are good, try to stick with the premium brands. These foods are tested on "feeding trails" and the dogs are monitored throughout all stages of their lives. Typically these foods are designed with the right dietary needs met.

I know that many veterinarian offices do carry premium brand foods that you can purchase. With most commercial goods, they have certain preservatives that can deplete the nutritional value of the food. Most commercial brands however, do meet the nutritional requirements for dogs.

Man's best friend, that's what our dogs are. Supplement their diet with a daily dose of meats and vegetables if they are on a dry food diet. Diet, exercise and love is all it takes for a long and healthy life and we owe that to them.

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