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3 tips that make training your dog easier

Have the Right Attitude

As a dog owner, you should convey to your dog a positive attitude. Thing about your dog like your child. Don't be so controlling. If your dog is only taking orders, then do you think your relationship will blossom?

So let you're dog know you care and show it. Your smile and your reactions mean a lot. Show your dog your love and care with praise. Praise can go a long way, and it's free.

Use Corrections with Thought

I'm sure you remember a time when you were either scolded or told not to do something. I'm not sure about you, but my parents were pretty strict. What happens when is child is told not to do something. They do the opposite. That's just a part of human nature, as well as dog nature.

So before you go off and correct your dog's actions, think about what you're doing first. Are you acting out of frustrations? Will your correction or criticism correct things or make matters worse? So many times people use stressful actions while correcting dog behavior. Make sure that you're fair to your dog and that you treat your dog with love and care.

Emotionally Align With Your Dog

Think about your dog like another person. When you're shown the right attitude and care, you will benefit from the enhanced relationship. This is like a matter of respect. If you think about dog training like an obstacle, you'll be putting an obstacle in front of you.

So how do you align with your dog? Allow your dog to be part of your activities. Treat your dog like another member of the family. Once you allow your dog to be part of your life, your dog will treat you and respect you more as your relationship builds.

In Conclusion

So many times, we read advice in magazines or maybe on the Internet. All that you have read is pure information. However, reading information is not enough. Knowledge only has power if you execute it. So read, and re-read these tips again. Once you understand them, put them into action. Doing so will help build the relationship between you and your dog.

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Wednesday, 17 April 2024

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