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5 measures to a better-behaved pet

Want to live a better lifestyle? Get a dog.

Analyses indicate that pet possession helps reduce tension, brings down blood pressure and fends off feelings of being alone and depression.

While nothing can top the love and companionship of a dog, there are some unpleasant behaviours that just would not do - from barking all night to wetting the floor to chewing on your shoes when you're not looking.

If your dog is exhibiting this type of behavior, it may be acting out due to boredom, suppressed aggression or because of lack of training. With unique life-style adjustments and patient training, you'll be on your way to have a happy, well-behaved pet. The following tips will help your furry friend become more obedient:

* Spay or neuter. The Humane Society of the United States of America says that this standard routine can help your dog live longer, be healthier and have fewer behavior problems.

* Help your pet slacken. Just like people, dogs can get , disturbed and annoyed. That is why some veterinarians advise giving your dog a tranquilizing product, such as Pluto Pet's Pet Calming Spray, to help alleviate hyperactivity.

Made with natural components, Pet Calming Spray acts speedily to alleviate restlessness, fearfulness, jitteriness and aggressiveness and helps nervous pets sleep through the night, according to the manufacturer.

* Have a workout routine. Give your canine fellow with regularly scheduled walks twice a day. This will help your dog obviate boredom, which can lead to negative behaviour.

* Go to school. According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelness to Animals, enrolling your dog in an obedience class will instruct you how to control your dog's behaviour both safely and humanely.

* Be patient. Though instructing your furry friend to be more obedient may take determination on your part, it is worth it. After all, as man's best fellow, your dog will appreciate bonding with you during the process.

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