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7 Tips to correct aggression utilizing dog behavior modification

Your training needs to establish you and your family as the "alpha" status in the pack. That resigns your dog to the base of the pack pecking order. Once the family demonstrates leadership over the dog, questions correlated to power may oftentimes be settled. This is why the communality and dog behavior modification are awfully necessary.

7 Techniques for Dog Behavior Modification

1. Administer goodies. Stress to yourself that your pet can have whatever he chooses if he is groomed to work for it. Decidedly, it is essential to reward all exceptional, impromptu dog behavior modification. Stay on your toes! Canines will astound you!

2. Curb the food store. Since food is such a prized commodity, it is imperative to make your dog realize you oversee this valuable resource.

3. Restrict cuddling. Patting, and the compliance that goes with it, is a convincing reward for most dogs and as such should be rationed in the very way as food.

4. Ration approval. Praise may be another greatly admired treasure for which dominant dogs must be forced to work. Approving a canine perpetually dilutes the implication of this otherwise much treasured recognition.

5. Use toys as rewards. The condition of toys is a freedom for which alpha canines have to work.

6. Restrict sports. Games are fun, and as such, must be conserved. You have to introduce all activities and you determine when they are done.

7. Let your pet gain liberty. Liberty is one of life's privileges and with freedom comes the desire for social obligation and respect.

Dog behavior modification is imperative when dogs use aggression to insist on bad behavior. Remember that YOU ARE THE ALPHA DOG...YOU DETERMINE what happens.

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