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A guide to a great dog training video

Who would've thought 20 years ago one person can make a video with nothing but a phone and have it seen by hundreds of thousands of people on the other side of the world? Technology, you cant beat it so you might as well join in on it. Many dog owners are already producing, directing and even starring in their own animal training video. That's alright, but out of the thousands of dog training videos out there, how can anybody separate the best from the pack?

First of all, the recorded clip should be of excellent quality-visual and sound elements play a major part in the watchability of the tutorial. It must also have a point of view successfully conveyed by the producers. Focus and organization is integral in achieving that. Off tangent topics should be edited out and a theme that ties the whole presentation together will make it neat and easy on the eyes to watch.

Who is the spokesperson on the tape? Many times producers use well known celebrities to lend brand recall to their products. However, with services that require special expertise like dog training videos, licensed trainers are usually used. The public want to get information from the best source possible. Besides that this is their actual profession, these people are credible and in possession of valuable inside information and tips people can use. It may not be worth your dollars to see a Regular Joe teach on something that might be interesting but untested.

Successful dog training DVDs being sold usually have a great bargain attached to it that makes it much more appealing. For instance, a $40 DVD, with book (valued at $xx) and a special gift (valued at $xx) will fly off the shelves faster than a single $20 tutorial video. While this in no way guarantees the quality, it certainly gives an extra sheen to the product. The more added value given to customers, the better returns the sellers are likely to receive.

Good products are marketed well. Sure there is this wonderful canine instructional video out, but if nobody knows about it who will buy it? Endorsements and recommendations from industry experts like vets, national animal organizations and certified colleagues will create a huge buzz within certain circles that will ripple out into public consciousness. Besides that, co-branding and tie-ups with strategic companies are great corporate strategies that get some awareness on a really good product.

Once the marketing machine is running smoothly, it follows that a well planned network of distribution channels are set in place. Popular specialty dog sites that have the videos in supply imply that the sites endorsing the product can guarantee its quality.

And last but not the least, the best indication of a real winner are the musical notes that sound when the cash registers cannot stop closing and money keeps rolling in. The speed of how it flies off virtual shelves is usually directly proportional to the quality of the product. Anybody can press record, but it takes real effort to produce and release a truly worthy dog training video. If you ever buy one that checks all the above paragraphs, you know it was worth every cent.

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