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A professional's dog training tips exposed!

Contrary to popular opinion, anyone can train their dogs. Whoever told you it can't be done have used incorrect methods or have failed because they gave up too soon. Nothing tests your patience like dog training; but staying on course until you see the fruits of your labor is incredibly rewarding. Not only will your home be clean and shiny, you will have a better social life and a happier relationship with your pet.

Let's start by looking into what goes on inside the mind of your dog so we can better grasp the reasons behind the given dog training tips. People are logical and intelligent creatures (most of us anyway). We can correctly assume the outcome of any given situation through reasoning skills and basic common sense. Dogs on the other hand, are lovable but not as smart. They understand only through simple reactions and a consistent repetition of unchanging commands. For instance, we understand that 'Come!', 'Let's go!', or 'Come here!' mean the same thing. But with dogs, all three phrases are as different as different can be. He might go to you after the millionth time of calling him but that doesn't mean he understands what you're trying to say.

Be consistent in educating your canine. Use the exact words you will use in training your dog basic obedience commands. This follows to every part of his training.

The core of a healthy man-canine relationship is the understanding of your position as the dog's undisputed master and leader. Mind you, this doesn't mean to treat the dog in a violent and harsh manner. Being firm and strong every time is enough to cement your leader status over him. If your pet understands this, he will strive to do things that will please you like be on his best behavior and obey your commands.

A simple tactic to impose your leadership is to rub his belly. This puts the dog in a position of submission and by licking your hand he accepts your authority over him. Never give in to growling and whining dogs try to get their way. It is important to set good habits early without ever straying from it.

An effective trick experts use is to allow the dog to learn by teaching himself. What do I mean? Let's say, your dog is chewing on something he isn't supposed to be chewing. You can scold him and take away the object immediately. This is a common canine training method. A better way is to take away bad behavior is through substituting it with a good one by giving unpleasant sensations with the incorrect behavior.

When the dog chews on a shoe, use a quick sharp squirt of a water gun to his face. If he resumes chewing, squirt him again. Now place one of his playthings in front of him. If he picks it up and plays with it, praise him enthusiastically. The dog will associate good feelings with playing with his toy and bad feelings when playing with the shoe.

Canine socialization is an important part of his dog training. Fearful and overly aggressive dogs are result of neglecting to train them proper social skills. You should introduce him to other pets and people early in his life. Bring him to places that are noisy and full of activity so it will not be strange to him in the future.

To bring someone or something up in discipline and tender care is a sign of love and maturity. These dog training tips will help your dogs be happy and confident in their life. Sure it has its challenges; but the end result is always worth it.

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