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All about dog kennels

A dog kennel is a great way for your dog or dogs to spend time outside without chains or tied but still secure and safe. This allows your beloved pets to see what is going on around them while still giving them plenty of room to run about and move around freely. A kennel keeps your pet safe and out of danger as well as keeping them from endangering others even if they are aggressive. This gives the owner peace of mind. Dogs are great escape artists and even with a completely fenced yard, they sometimes find ways to escape. Tying a dog up is a worry because everyone has read of incidents where they accidentally become tangled up or hang themselves, which is a frightening thought. Dog kennels also reduce your dog’s change of getting into a fight with another dog, contacting diseases or being poisoned. Unlike a cage, where the dog has very little room, dog kennels provide your pet with enough space to exercise, see the sights and enjoy some fresh air safely.

Here are some important precautions and guidelines to follow when building a dog kennel that helps keep your pet safe, healthy and happy:

·A dog kennel needs to provide shelter for your pet from the outside elements, such as extreme heat, rain or snow. If the dog will be outside for more than twenty minutes, provide shelter such as a doghouse or even indoor access.

·There should always be fresh water available, even if they are only outside for five minutes.

·Provide your dog with a comfortable place to lay or sit, such as a blanket, dog bed or even a piece of carpet.

· Kennel floors made of cement hold both heat and cold. Provide your pet with a place to stand that protect your dog’s paws from this.

Portable dog kennels are great for people that travel or visit a lot and love taking their dog along. Pet stores and large department stores usually carry a wide selection of dog kennels, normally in standard sizes. If you have a very large dog, you may have to ask them to special order one for you, that is big and secure enough. Portable kennels are quick and easy to set up and take down. Some come with a screen, to block the sun.

Permanent dog kennels are usually constructed of metal or aluminum screens and steel posts set into the ground. Often the floor is cement but some people prefer earth floors. For a dog or dogs that spend a fair amount of time outdoors in their dog kennel, some owners add a dog run to give their pets more room to play and exercise. Permanent dog kennels are sturdy enough to withstand a dogs jumping and pushing, without collapsing.

Custom made dog kennels are fabulous as you decide what shape, size or special items you want. Designed to your specification, some cost a bit more but are certainly worth the money. Many people have and enclosed area added to allow their dog to get out of the elements. Usually the company or people working with you on designing your pet’s kennel, install them also.

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