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Avoid problems later on by socialzing your puppy now

Just like people, dogs are social creatures. Some dogs can adapt better to other dogs, cats or whatever other creature then others. There are dogs that can even dislike the other sex of their own breed. Taking in to account that dogs are social animals it's strange that some have difficulties while socializing.

Many animal lovers like to have more than one dog around and often even other species. Ensuring that no furniture gets broken and nobody gets hurt can be somewhat of a challenge at times. Add to the equation that your neighbor's pets and other animals can enter your dog's territory you face a real risk, if your dog is not properly socialized.

Essential for avoiding these kinds of problems it is vital to start to socialize your dog as soon as possible. Just like our kids, puppies are much more open to get acquainted with strange animals and people that adult dogs. They do not distinguish between 'friends' and 'enemies' yet as everything is completely new for them and should be explored.

When your puppy has received all his vaccines it time to meet other dogs and people. It is important that many different people touch him especially in sensitive places like ears, toes and close to the eyes. This will make the visit to the vet much easier. Off course he needs to meet as many other dogs and animals as possible.

Dogs like to sniff each other. When they're about to meet another dog you should control the set until you're confident that both dogs won't start fighting. Only after that you can let them explore the other dog.

Some dogs will want to dominate by jumping on or biting the other. This is normal behavior and you should only interfere if things get out of hand. Make sure to be close to your dog and only in case of severe biting you should take action. If you're uncomfortable with that just bring some protection in the form of a pair of gloves.

If they keep on barking all the time, distract them with a treat or a toy. If your dog doesn't stop pulling or barking after several attempts to correct him, just try another day. What works will vary widely and depends on the individual dog and some dogs will need more time to tolerate others. You'll discover what's more and less effective as you observe his behavior over time.

Rescued or animal shelter dogs can require extra patience when socializing. These animals have often been abused by people or injured by other dogs. Those experiences can lead to aggression or fear. Remarkable transformations have been seen even in these dogs, though. After repeated exposure to other well socialized dogs they often turn in to friendly dogs that interact very well with other people and pets.

Start socializing your dog at the earliest moment possible. Have your puppy meet as many children, men, dogs, cats and other animals as you can. As a result you'll have a wonderful dog that you can take with you anywhere you like.

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Thursday, 05 October 2023

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