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Beagle training 101: Beagle problem behaviors

Whenever you are considering adding a dog to your life, you need to know what you are getting into. Before you bring the dog home, it is vital that you read about the breed or breeds your dog is made up of and see what health and behavioral problems the breeds are known for. This is not meant to scare you away from ever owning a dog, but to empower your dog adopting decision.

Compared to some breeds, the worst Beagle behavior problems are more annoying than anything else. Some, like wandering, can be easily prevented through regular exercise, supervision when outside and neutering. Beagles, as well as other dogs, have only recently moved indoors with people. It's only natural that there are still some Beagle training pains to go through. A lot of Beagles are given up to shelters; sadly, because their owners would not take the time to learn about Beagle nutrition, exercise requirements or personality.

But even neutered animals can have problems wandering. If they are not wandering for sex, then what are they wandering off for? They could be wandering off to follow a delicious smell (Beagles have appetites bigger than they are). They could also be wandering off because of boredom. Your yard needs at least a four-foot fence to keep in a Beagle. Although excellent for other breeds, invisible fences do not always work for Beagles.

Beagles will scavenge through your garbage looking for food, which can be an annoying and costly Beagle behavioral problem. Beagles will eat anything - even if it's good for them or not.

In fact, for any Beagle behavior problem, you might not need to invest in dog training books. You should go to the vet to see if there is a medical condition making the dog act in a upsetting way.

One of the most common Beagle problem behaviors is common to any dog, separation anxiety. This is when the dog howls or destroys bits of your home when you leave him or her alone. Beagles are bred to be in packs and are very social dogs. They usually get along very well with other animal companions, which may stop the separation anxiety.

The good news about Beagle problem behaviors is that many other breeds of dog also have them. You can pick up any dog training book and know that the techniques inside will apply to Beagles. Be sure an annual check up is part of your Beagle's life, as this can help prevent medical conditions that may cause Beagle behavioral problems.

Soon, your Beagle should associate you leaving with the appearance of a treat. There is no Beagle behavior problem that can't be solved with patient Beagle training.

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