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Bonding With Your Pup: Guide for Hiking With Your Dog

After a while, the same old walks with your pooch become boring. You have the same sights around the block, and your pup has many of the same old smells. There’s no spark to energize you both. A good hike fuels your sense of adventure and gives the two of you the best workout! Keep reading this guide for hiking with your dog.

Bonding With Your Pup: Guide for Hiking With Your Dog
Go to the Vet

Before you scope out the best spot for your adventure, you should ensure your pup is healthy enough. Schedule a vet visit so that an animal expert can look over your loyal companion and tell you whether hiking is safe for your pooch.

While at the vet, you should also ask about any recommended vaccines or medication for your pet. For example, you should give your dog flea and tick repellant to deter pests. Likewise, your dog should be up-to-date on all their vaccines in case you have a run-in with a wild animal.

Scope Out Hiking Spots

If this is your first hike, start with a rather basic path to ensure neither of you feels too worn out. You should begin on trails so that your body can adjust to the new physical activity. As time passes, you and your pup can tackle new challenges as you go off-path or navigate difficult terrains with higher inclines.

As you search for a path, you also need to verify that the one you choose allows dogs. Search on nature preserve websites to see which areas permit you to bring your pup.

Pack Your Bag

When you go for a hike, you need the right bag, and there are various factors to consider when picking the perfect backpack. You’ll need a bag that’s big enough to hold the following items.

  • Your hiking gear
  • Booties for your dog
  • Snacks for you and your pup
  • Water for both of you
  • Waste bags for your dog
  • Pet and human first aid kits
  • A spare collar and leash
  • Extra clothes

The number of items you need also depends on how long you plan to hike and where. If you go on a basic trail, you may not need gear or much to snack on. However, if this is a day-long hike, you two will need a mid-day meal and sufficient water to refuel your bodies.

Pro Tip

You should always bring an extra leash, collar, and ID tags for your dog in case they bolt. Remember, your pup is your responsibility; if they break away during your adventure, you need to wrangle them back in.

Make Memories Together

The most important part of planning the perfect hike with your dog is to have fun! Hiking is an amazing way to stimulate your canine’s mind. There will be countless new scents for them to track and different terrains for the two of you to navigate. Make the most of your time outside with your furry friend beside you.

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