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Can You Train Your Dog from a DVD?

Is it possible to train your dog from a DVD? Can you begin with a young puppy with sharp teeth and wild energy yet somehow end up with a well-trained member of your family? Or if you have an older dog in need of some training, can you teach it all the basic things you want it to learn: sit, stay, come, and so on?

The answer? Perhaps.

It actually depends on you rather than on your pet. You can easily get a very good dog training DVD, and dogs and puppies are inherently trainable. So the question is: what about you? Can you make the time to get your dog trained? If you want to do it, you can find a DVD that is a tremendous tool to help you, even better than a book in many ways.

Here's how to proceed: figure out when you can do short dog training sessions. Ideally you would do them three to five times a day, but even twice a day will be a good start, perhaps right before the dog's morning and evening meals. You want to do short bits of training because the dogs learn more effectively than if you tried to do everything just once a day for a longer period.

So if you are up for making a plan and carrying it out, you should do just fine at training your dog via DVD.

DVD or Class?

Is it better to use a DVD or to take your dog to a class? This depends on the circumstances. How close is the nearest dog training class, and are its hours and price a good fit for you? Even more important is the approach that the trainer takes. New information has been making its way into the world of dog training over the past couple of decades, but not every trainer has yet crossed over to using the pain-free positive methods that are the most effective.

If there is a dog training class in your vicinity that uses positive methods, it's a good idea to take it if you can. This doesn't rule out using a DVD as well. There is always more to learn about dog training. Most dogs really enjoy the positive form of training, and you can deepen your bond with your dog by continuing to train.

What DVD to Use in Training Your Dog?

Be sure to get a DVD using positive reinforcement methods. I was very pleased to find Train Your Dog: The Positive, Gentle Method, with Nicole Wilde and Laura Bourhenne. I

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Tuesday, 21 March 2023

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