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Crate training is the best method for house training puppies

When house training puppies, crate training is the quickest way to get the job done. It works so well because when crate training puppies, it's very simple to get a handle on your dog's eating and toilet schedule, while making it very clear to your puppy where the toilet area is.

Some people have a difficult time with crate training because they feel it is cruel, and your puppy may fuss a bit about being kept in the crate, and that's normal. However, dogs like having a den area, and this creates a safe area for your dog that he knows is his "home". Crate training works because a puppy is very resistant to messing up his own space, and will hold off on relieving himself until he can get to another place.

The crate should be large enough so your dog can get up, walk around in a small circle and lie down. As he gets bigger, you can upgrade to a larger crate if needed. Dogs don't like to lie in their urine (who would??) so they hold off as long as they possibly can.

Keep track of the times each day your puppy drinks, eats and goes to the bathroom throughout the day. Then put together a toilet break schedule based on the times of day your puppy might need to go potty. Potty times usually happen first thing in the morning, after vigorous play, about 30 minutes after eating, and just before bedtime. For very young puppies a few nighttime trips might be needed if they cannot hold it all night long.

When you take your dog out of his crate first thing each morning, just go ahead and take him straight to his potty area. I recommend to simply carry him straight there and just set him down in the toilet area. Plan to just stand there for about 10-15 minutes, hoping something happens. If he does go to the bathroom, immediately give your puppy tons of enthusiastic praise and affection, and I recommend also giving a treat. If he doesn't go potty, just take him back to his crate, and repeat the process in about 20 minutes. Just repeat until your puppy is successful, and once your puppy goes, after giving praise, let your puppy have some playtime as a reward. This teaches your puppy to take care of business first, then playtime. This develops good habits.

Crate training puppies can take a lot of time in the beginning, but be patient with your puppy. Crate training works. Your puppy should be kept in his crate throughout the day and night but with frequent, regular breaks for playing.

You must keep your eyes on your puppy at all times when he is out of the crate. If you see him about to go on the carpet, say no firmly and pick him up and immediately take him to the right area. This can be somewhat awkward, but it is really the only opportunity to help your puppy understand where his toilet area is.

When you are house training puppies, be patient and understanding, because accidents will happen. What you should do is quietly clean up the mess without letting your dog see, so you aren't drawing any attention to it. Be sure and use a proper cleaning product to remove the urine smell. And remember, your puppy is just a baby and doesn't know any better, so take the time to teach him what to do, and your patience will be rewarded!

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