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Crate training puppies the easy way

People that do not use crates for training, often ask why you should be crate training puppies.

When you decide you are going to crate train your puppy you need to make sure that you buy the correct size crate - he needs to be able to stand up in it (at adult size) and move around. The metal crates are the best.

When you buy your first crate, you need to ensure that you buy one that is the right size for your puppy. He needs to be able to stand up in it and be able to move around as well. I have gone for the metal crate that has a door opening at one side. This is nice and strong and my dog can see out of it easily.

If you go about crate training puppies in the correct way, they will think of their crate as their own special space and be only too happy to be in it. My dog often goes and lies in her crate for a bit of peace and quiet when the family visit!

When your puppy comes out of the crate, don't make a big fuss of him, just a little pat will be enough. Don't make the mistake of letting him out if he is crying - you will be telling him that he has to cry to get out of his crate.

Continue this for a few days, then gradually leave him in there when you are not in the room, but only for a few minutes - he will soon get used to being in there. When you go back into the room, don't make a fuss, simply walk over to him and open the crate. After about 3 days you will be able to leave him for an hour or so.

In no time at all your puppy will be totally used to going into his crate, and you will be able to leave him in there for upto an hour if you need to go out without him.

People often ask why they should be thinking about crate training puppies. This is partly done because they feel safe in the crate, and also when a puppy is left alone they can start to misbehave by digging, chewing or similar. When he is in his crate he already thinks of this as a safe place so will not start to feel anxious. He will simply rest and play with any toy you have put in there until you come back to let him out.

Your pup will feel totally at ease in his crate, and will think of it as a place of safety. Often when a puppy is left alone with the run of a room, he will get a little anxious and start to chew anything he can reach, your furniture, your shoes, literally anything. Crate training your puppy will alleviate this anxiousness as he will know you are coming back, because you always do. It will also help to keep things in your house safe from being chewed!

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