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Crate training your dog or puppy

Training your adorable puppy is actually the best gift you can give him because he'll be easier on you and others and thus people will take to him and give him lots of attention.

By establishing a good quality training routine you also establish yourself as the master of the house. This is very beneficial in the outcome of your training efforts. The puppy will learn better once you establish that you are the one in control.

The first type of crate should be a long one and must have a gate that can be locked. Such a kind of crate could be a wire cage. The crate should be large enough so that the dog can feel comfortable. At the same time one should remember that a very large crate will not help in house breaking training.

If under eight weeks of age, don't keep the dog in the cage for more than an hour because he can't hold himself more than that. After that, the dog will hold in for longer amounts of time because he doesn't want to urinate or defecate in his little nest. Dogs like to keep their immediate areas clean.

You can get your dog used to this place that will become his nest by putting a bone or treat in there and inviting him to go in and out at will. There will be no lock at first, and the dog will begin to stay in for longer times willingly.

Praise your dog when he goes in and out and then when he stays, even for just a few seconds. Then you can try locking the door to the crate for short periods of time so the dog won't be nervous.

The dog will understand from the previous tasks that the crate is his own private territory. Then the dog will go in and out of his private territory without being instructed and will expect appreciation and good treats for the well done tasks.

The trainer should remember that the crate should not be used as a punishment tool. The dog must feel comfortable with the crate and it should not seem like a prison. It is not advisable to leave the dog in the crate for more than 2 hours. At the same time it is better to leave the dog in the crate when he is crying and let him out when he is quiet without any praise. The most critical thing for the dog can be obtained from this type of training.

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