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Dog names - popular or unique?

Tired of searching high and low for the perfect dog names? Why do we put so much effort into choosing what we name our dog anyway? Well, it actually is quite important. I mean, if you are going to be calling your dog by that name day in and day out for the next several years it should be something good right?

Some owners choose people names such as Abbey or Charles. While others want to go with dog names that are attributed to movie stars such as Lassie or The Beast from The Sand Lot.

What I love so much about dog names is that they are not held to the rigid standards that our own human names are held to. You have so much more room for creativity and can really come up with something that is completely original. So be sure you don't let this opportunity slip through your fingers by choosing a boring dog name.

You may want to consider going with a name that describes your dog and his attributes. An example of this would be dog names such as Tiny, Killer, Beast and even Giant. If all else fails, you can always go with the stereotypically common names of Spot, Fido and Rover.

You know what would be hilarious? Naming a huge dog something that makes it sound small and harmless and naming a tiny dog something that makes it sound huge and ferocious. That is what is so great about naming a dog, there is no rules holding you back. The sky is the limit.

A friend of mine had quite a creative name for her dog. He was black and white and was named Oreo, which fit him perfectly. On the other hand, my mother has a Black Lab that she named Sadie so you really do have many options.

You can literally name your dog after anyone or anything. Ranging from disliked relatives to childhood friends to even super heroes, foods, cities or anything else you can think of.

Just make sure you are never ashamed to use the name you choose for your dog when out in public. This is why profanity and other degrading words are not the best to use for dog names.

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Thursday, 21 September 2023

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