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Dog potty training tips

Dog potty training is highly impossible if your dog is no longer a pup. The best time to potty train your dogs is when they are still pups because the older they get, the harder it gets for you to teach them anything so once you get that puppy, start dog potty training as early as possible. Old dogs cannot learn new tricks, remember?

Dog potty training rule number 1 is the after-eating-method. After your puppy eats you will have to wait for at least 15 minutes before taking him to the backyard. It only takes 15 to 20 minutes for a dog to turn food into poop. The 15 minute wait also goes the same with liquid intake -only this time, your dog will be producing pee. Your job as his master is to get him to poop or pee where you want him to. This will greatly help you in maintaining cleanliness inside your home.

Dog potty training rule no.2 is to get your dog to take a walk with you in your yard for example once the two of you are already awake. By that time, your dog will want to poop. After his breakfast, wait 15 minutes and go to the backyard once again and let him do his business there. Dogs have a crazy metabolism, after their afternoon nap, they also have to poop and pee so taking your dog outside after his nap is also suggested.

The third rule is to praise your dog once he or she poops in the yard. Your cheery voice will send a signal to the dog's brain that he or she just made you so happy and your dog will surely do his or her pooping in the yard more frequently.

The fourth rule is to feed your dog only when you can go to your backyard right away. With regards to water intake, you do not have to control your dog's water intake when he or she has already learned to pee in the yard.

This however could be rather problematic during dry climate so try to have him or her learn how to tell you that he or she is about to go. Making your dog learn how to ring a bell when he or she has to pee is a good way. What you need to do is before you take your dog to the yard for his or her pee time; make him or her ring a bell first. This will be ingrained in your dog's mind all his doggie life.

The fifth rule and the hardest one is to quietly clean up your dog's poop or pee when he or she did the business in a "prohibited" area. Ignore your dog. Do not punish your dog or yell at your dog because he or she will not be able to understand that you are frustrated. In fact, your dog will only be amused and slightly confused in the process.

Keeping your pet with your when you two are in the house is rule no.6. Doing this will prevent any of those untoward pooping and peeing accidents and it will also strengthen your bond with your dog. Good luck on your potty training!

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