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Dog success training tips

Many dog owners think that training a dog is a complex matter, and they don't even try to train their dogs. They believe that training dogs is only a thing that experts professional dog trainers can do. Well, they might be right, if they are thinking of those amazing dogs that they see on competitions on TV. Contrary to their belief, training a dog the basics is a really simple task. Once the owner becomes familiar with the dog training success tips, half the battle is won.

There is a say out there: when a dog fails training, is not that dog that fails is the owner. This is particularly true when the owner who is acting as a dog trainer does not consistently apply the dog training success tips to ensure a good and rewarding training program. Be consistent when training your pup and half the battle will be already won.

One of the first tips you need to be familiar with when training your dog is that you need to apply three basic elements to your dog training efforts. These elements are consistency, persistence and patience. Without these three changes are your efforts on training your dog will fail.

What is the alpha dog? Why do you want your dog to see you as the alpha dog? Well, first of all, dogs do not know the difference between humans and dogs. Just because you are big, and tall (in your dog's eyes), do not make you immediately the alpha. Dogs consider you a member of the pack, because they are pack animals. They do not know that you are humans and they are not, or that they are dogs and you are not. You are just a member of the pack, and because of this you need to demonstrate to your dog that you are the alpha, otherwise your dog will become your alpha, and believe it, they can be very good at it.

Don't expect your dog to be perfect, especially if you just started training him. There will be times when he just will forget what you taught him, or even worse, might decide he does not want to do it. When your dog fails to do what you ask him to don't scold him, just correct his behavior at once while he is making the mistake. Correcting your pet mistakes later on in time will prove to be ineffective, by then the dog will have forgotten what it was all about.

So what is positive reinforcement? It is a very simple term to understand and it is definitively one of the dog training success tips that you need to apply to your dog training routine. Every time your pet behaves in a way you want him to, follow the behavior with some treats that your dog loves or with lots of praise.

When you are training your dog you need to do it for very short periods of time. Short training sessions are a lot more effective than those long training sessions. Dog must have fun when they are being trained, this way dogs will be interested on the training session. Every training session will give you an opportunity to bond with him.

A few benefits of training your dog yourself are: you will save some money, you will have a better behaved dog, you will have a stronger bond with your pet, and your will have fun. Due to all these benefits, you really should not get discouraged when your puppy dog does not behave the way you want him to in the first few trials. Be patient and you will see the rewards.

These are just some of the dog training success tips that you can apply when training your dog at home. As trainer, do not be discouraged at the first try of training your dog, instead have enough patience and believe that you can actually train your dog and in doing so, ended up with a bunch of savings.

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