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Dog training information

It is know world wide among respected dog trainers that the most efficient and kind way to train a dog is though positive reinforcement training. A simple theory that sounds harder than it is.

Ignoring behavior you don't want your dog to repeat and lavishly rewarding the behavior you do, is the basses to positive reinforcement training. This method is the direct opposite of the once popular way of training dogs, ways that would be considered very cruel in today's standers, such as using shock collars of cattle prods of corrective tools.

Positive reinforcement works with your dog. Her natural instinct is to please you - the theory of positive reinforcement recognizes that lessons are more meaningful for dogs, and tend to "stick" more, when a dog is able to figure out what you're asking under her own steam (as opposed to, say, learning "down" by being forced repeatedly into a prone position, while the word "down" is repeated at intervals).

Giving your dog the time and opportunity to learn with its own brain is using positive reinforcement. Lets show you some examples of positive reinforcement.

- You need meaningful rewards. Dogs can get tired of the pat on the head and a "good boy". ( many dogs don't take kindly to a pat on the head.)

- Have you ever seen a dog bark or cower a way when a hand come toward their head? To keep a high standard and quality in your dogs learning use more tempting incentives for the desired behavior. A favorite food or treat gives your dog much more incentive. Also know as "primary incentives."

- In other words, they're both significant rewards that most dogs respond powerfully and reliably to.

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I hope that this article has given you a basic idea of some powerful techniques to use when training your dog. But, there is a lot more to this subject that can be very complex, I suggest you learn as much as you possibly can in order to effectively train your dog.

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