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Havanese require attention

When bringing a fun-loving puppy into the household many people do not understand that the dog was not born knowing right from wrong. Additionally, what may be acceptable behavior in one household may not be welcome in another environment. As the new Havanese is brought into a home it needs to understand what behaviors will please its owner as well as what behaviors will place it at the center of attention. Once it understands what makes the owner happy, it will begin to repeat the behavior.

The new puppy is not going to know what is expected of it and Havanese training may seem a little exasperating at times. Although fiercely loyal to their human families, Havanese puppies also have a loyalty to be fun-loving and mischievous. They may want to play instead of learn a new behavior, but patience and guidance will put them back on the right learning track.

When a new Havanese puppy enters the home its first impulse is to take charge. The new owner must make it understand that the human run the household and the dog has a special place in the family, and can have a role but it is not in charge. This can easily be accomplished by allowing the dog to provide the entertainment, a role they take on gladly, and when they see the human's appreciation for their antics they will continue in that role.

The Havanese, while a generally healthy, happy breed of dog is not without their issues. One of the most troublesome Havanese problems is being slow to understand what it means to be housebroken. It can take several months before this behavior can be modified to the owner's satisfaction and, while the dog is quickly learning tricks and learning how to follow other commands, the owner can not give up on them. They will figure it out eventually.

Overall, the Havanese can be a loyal and fun companion. Their playful spirit is delightful for all ages and they typically get along well with children. These toy dogs are small enough not to be intimidating to younger family members, but their heart is so large as to not be intimidate by strangers.

However, Havanese training can be challenging as they also demand a lot of attention and time from their owners and seem to have a constant need to be the center of attention.

Their ability to learn through positive feedback makes Havanese training easier than many other breeds and once they understand what their owners have in mind, they are usually more than willing to comply.

It takes time and patience to train a young Havanese but the effort is worth it once the animal begins to display their affection for all members in the household.

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Thursday, 21 September 2023

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