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Help your dog sleep through the night

The causes of dogs' inability to have an undisturbed sleep can apparently be traced within our homes. In this regard, it is very important that dog owners have a keen sense of observation when it comes to a dog's sleeping disorder. Even if it may seem a very tall order, a watchful eye on your dog's visible sleep difficulties will surely yield a positive result.

But as in the case of other problems concerning dog habits and activities, the solution you'll apply to the problem doesn't guarantee results after just one day. It will demand your patience in monitoring your pet's reactions to the activities that you will have it perform. But, the task actually can be made simple if dog owners would take full responsibility in performing the following:

Observe and take careful note of any change that might have triggered the occurrence of modification in your dog's sleeping habits. Your dog may be reacting to several situations like a sudden change in its crate or lounge, or in your furniture set-up, a stressful incident, or a house party. Remember that most dogs react even to the tiniest change in its environment, which may greatly affect its sleeping habits.

Trace the root of the problem and perform corrective measures, such as rearranging the furniture to their original plan that your dog has been accustomed to or putting the dog back in the crate, where it used to take a rest. Feed your dog with a well-balanced diet. The diet is determined by the dog's age. Young pooches generally have a higher calorie intake requirement than older ones. Such distribution gives puppies the essential nutrients they need for their growth. Older dogs, meanwhile, require just the right amount of calories needed to perform their daily activities.

puppy sleepingKeep in mind that the diet will most likely produce positive results when done on a schedule; or earlier than the pet's schedule for sleep. This is particularly important as dogs are energetic after meals. It is not a good idea to feed your dog before bedtime since it will only have so much energy to roam around, bark, and awaken the entire neighborhood. Provide supplements that will help your dog relax. Such products (usually taken orally) alleviate restlessness, nervousness, fear, and aggression, and help dogs sleep soundly.  You should never do anything without the advice of your vet however.

Make your dog perform exercises every day. Your dog should have at least 40 minutes of exercise per day, which may include walking and running among others. Your pooch may unwittingly disturb your sleep at night when it has too much energy. The two of you will surely have undisturbed sleep if you can have your dog drain its excess energy. Set a definite sleeping time. Help your dog practice a definite sleeping time. It is ideal to pattern your dog's sleeping time to the one you use.

Keep your pet's sleeping area clean and comfortable. See to it that your dog doesn't sleep on a damp, cold area, since that could also be a major cause of restlessness. Give comfortable items like blankets or pillows to your dog. Remember that your main goal is to provide total comfort and security for your dog. Dog beds and dog crates are just what you need to achieve this.

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