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Housebreaking your dog

Most puppies that are born in a nest have a natural desire to move leave the nest to alleviate themselves. Pups will do this without being trained as soon as they are able. At the age of three weeks, puppies will start to leave their bed to relieve themselves.

The dog owner just has to train them that a home is our nests, and that they have to step outside when they want to urinate. Take your dog outside to the exact spot in your yard at these times:

• Immediately after each meal, playing and exercise.

• Shortly upon waking up from sleep

• In the morning

• At night

• One time hourly

It is imperative to remain outside with your dog patiently. When he begins, say a phrase such as "Be clean!" When he has stopped, praise him excitedly and play a game with him. Make sure that you keep the area clean by picking up any waist and flushing it down your toilet.

200px-short-haired-dachshundDogs can be distracted easily when outside. This is why having the patience to stay with him until he has settled down is very important. If you allow him to do it alone, he will more than likely run to the back door and his time trying to get back in the house with you. When you let him in the house, the pressure of being apart, together with the amplified excitement and exercise, will make your dog want to go. You will be left with a huge mess inside the house and a miss-educated puppy.

There is no need to stay outdoors forever, waiting for him to release. Simply wait for a few minutes, and if he doesn’t go, bring him inside the house and try again a few minutes later. If you notice your dog sniffing the floor and circling or getting ready to crouch, take him outside right away. Allow him walk. Avoid picking him up, otherwise he will not grasp the most important connection in the process, which is: "When I need to go to the bathroom, I need to get to the back door and into the yard."

If you ever catch your dog in the act of going into your house, yell! What you yell out is unimportant, but it has to be loud enough to get his attention right away and to hinder him mid-flow, but not so noisy that he runs to hide. Never chastise or get angry; the anguish this can cause your dog will slow down the learning process. Your dog will also not want to go to the bathroom in your presence because he will know it makes you irritated and will sneak away to use the bathroom. This will make it very hard for you to train him the correct way.

Immediately after you have shouted, run from him, toward the back door. Then call his name in a friendly tone and encouraging him to follow with enthusiasm. Go outside and just wait until he relaxes and complete what he started before. Say your select phrase as he goes to the bathroom. Then praise him, and play with him for a while. Then bring your puppy back into the house and place him in a different room while you clean up his mess.

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