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How to calm a dog down

Hyperactive dogs can cause chaos in a home, racing around, knocking things over, and launching themselves at people, and can be harmful if they begin to bite, or scratching.
When they are in this manic state it can be hard to calm a dog down, which also makes it tricky to take them out anywhere as their behavior is so unpredictable.

Why do Dogs Become Hyperactive?

Most dogs are simply reacting to what is happening in their environment, though there are a few health issues that might cause hyperactivity, as well as some nutritional causes.

Anxiety in dogs, attention seeking and a dog being dominant and uncontrolled are all potential reasons for a dog's hyperactivity, so it's vital that you try and discover what lies behind your dog's problem before you decide how to approach stopping it.

Observe your dog over the following week and see if you can spot what triggers the hyperactivity. Notice how you react to it, and how they respond to you and then try some of the methods below that could help you create a calm dog.

How to Influence Your Dogs Behavior

Dogs will most likely take a lead from the feelings they pick up around them, so if you are feeling stressed, ordog with ball other folks around your dog are very stressed, they'll be picking up on it. This will make a dog feel anxious or intensify their existing anxiousness. If you're calm you may find your dog quietens down too. Definitely reacting in a stressed or annoyed way to their behavior is probably going to make it even worse.

Show your dog you are the pack leader maker to help calm the situation. It will give confidence to a nervous dog, and allow you to impose your own house rules on a determined and badly behaved dog. There is no need to do this through domination or force though; it's more about proving you are the decision maker in important areas that are critical to a dog.

Using Training to Change Your Dog's Behavior

Begin by having a look at the training you have already done with your dog. Do they need more training or have they lapsed into bad behavior habits and you need to tighten up on the rules? How consistent are you in your expectations of your dog? If you permit them to do something one day, though not the next time they will not understand how you want them to behave.

If your dog is suffering with anxiety, try some desensitization training to build their confidence and remove some of the triggers that set it off. Mixing this with proving that you are pack leader can be particularly effective.

Try giving your dog a result for hyper behavior so they learn that their behavior is not good. That doesn't suggest hitting or punishing them, a fast 5 minutes time-out in a crate or alone in a room where they can't do any damage may be adequate.

Indulge Your Dog in the Right Things

Ensure your dog gets some stimulation and exercise every day. It does not always have to be a lengthy walk, as games and other activities at home can be equally beneficial. But keep the games under your control by deciding when the game stops and starts. If the game gets out of hand, stop the game instantly as this is another way of giving them a consequence for bad behavior.

Do not give your dog any attention while they're hyperactive. Turn away from them if possible or go in another room and do not speak to them, touch them or give them any eye contact. If they are acting this way because it gets your attention, they should shortly learn that it doesn't work and should stop their manic behavior.

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