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How To Care for Your Dog When You Get a New Job

Getting a new job can be amazing financially, but it can also cause logistical problems. If your new job requires you to work from an office, what do you do with your dog all day? Follow these tips for how to care for your dog when you get a new job.

How To Care for Your Dog When You Get a New Job


Know Your Dog’s Limits

If you’ve never left your dog alone all day before, now is a good time to try it out and see what happens. Run errands, go to a movie, and grab a meal before returning home to see how your dog responds. Can they hold their bladder well? Will they hold it until you return? It’s better to have the answers now than when you’re busy with your new job.

Interactive Toys

One of the biggest problems with leaving your dog alone all day is that they’ll get bored. Try investing in an interactive toy or two that you can leave out for them to play with. Fun activities will help take their mind off the fact that you’re gone.

Put On Some Entertainment

Some dogs get attached to specific news anchors, while others like the sound of music channels. Try putting it on whatever your dog likes to watch when you leave. This also helps there not be so much silence in the house.

Hire a Dog Sitter

If you’re concerned about your dog being lonely, one option you have is to see if a friend or family member can come over to visit your dog while you’re away. However, since you’ll be doing this every day, and not just while you’re on vacation, you may have to pay a professional dog sitter.

Take Your Dog to Daycare

If the idea of letting a stranger into your house every day makes you uncomfortable, consider taking them to a professional doggy daycare. At daycare, your dog will get to play as much as they want and be ready to relax with you when they come home. It’s an excellent idea for any dog, especially when you want to care for your dog after getting a new job.

A schedule change can be stressful for your pet, so give them some extra love while they adjust!

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