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How to deal with your dog's inappropriate elimination

Inappropriate elimination is a very serious problem in dogs. Urination and defecation in the house are a couple of the main problems that lead to owners giving their pets up to shelters. Before you can fix the problem of inappropriate elimination you will need to address the problems that are the causes of this situation. There are specific reasons why a dog may lose control of bladders and bowels, and it is most important that you take the time to find out why this is a problem and to properly train you're pet not to have instances of this problem.

Excitement is one of the most frequent problems that leads to inappropriate elimination. Dogs that are both young and old can easily fall into the trap of peeing while excited. Puppies may at times urinate when playing and not even realize they have done it (because they are so excited). When punished for this problem, this will become more of a problem and turn into submissive urination because he is now confused. However, when the dog gets older and learns how to control his bladder he will stop urinating during times when he is excited.

The best way to stop you dog from have excitement problems is by reducing the instances in which he is excited. Try to find more relaxed games to play and when things do start to get out of control, calm the situation down. By doing this you will begin to change your dogs behaviors.

Submissive urination is another common problem. As the name suggests, submissive urination is due to your dog recognizing and demonstrating his inferiority. Submissive urination is not an uncommon problem, especially when you dog is afraid In many cases submissive urination is a result of physical abuse. Your dog needs to learn other ways to be submissive. One way to show submissiveness is to get your dog to lick your hand. This is a way that dogs can demonstrate they recognize you as the chief.

The easiest way to get your dog to stop submissively urinating is to ignore the problem. Your dog will then gain confidence and quite quickly cure himself. Your dog needs to feel comfortable in the house and if he feels he's messed up every time he pee's his confidence will plummet.

Inappropriate elimination can be tough to deal with for many dog owners. One thing you will definitely need is a lot of patience and consistency in your training regimen. You won't cure the problem overnight but you will be able to cure it if you stick at it. If you can't seem to fix the problem, take your dog to a vet or consider using a professional dog training guide.

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