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How to help your new puppy through the fear stage

Right around the time your puppy is eight to ten weeks old, he will begin a new stage in his life. We call this the "fear period".

During this period the puppy has developed his adult senses and his fears may last several weeks. Don't be alarmed! This is common with all puppies and you must use patience.

It is very important to make your puppy feel secure during this stage. Don't keep him from experiencing new situations, though. And by all means, don't stop your puppy from socializing.

One of the most important reasons for waiting to adopt your pup until he is 8 weeks old is the very important socialization he receives from his siblings. If your puppy has not had ample time with his mother and siblings, the fear stage may last much longer.

When you bring your puppy home make sure the atmosphere is calm. Have his crate ready for him, hi will need his "den" to feel secure. After all, this will be his first night away from his mother and siblings. Can you imagine what is going through his mind?

As new owners, you must be very careful where you adopt your puppy from. Try not to buy him from a pet shop. They are always in separate cages, lined up against the wall so they can be viewed. Let's face it...these are puppy mills and the pups are not receiving the social skills they need, not to mention the basic health needs.

By safe guarding your new puppy from fearful, stressful situations, you will be ensuring a secure pup by around the tenth month. Enjoy your new puppy as a new member of your family. Treat him as you would a new baby. If you do, I am sure you will be rewarded with years of devoted friendship!

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Wednesday, 04 October 2023

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