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How to manage dog aggression

Aggression is a part of a dog's nature. Being pack animals, dogs have to be aggressive to be able to defend themselves against predators and to be able to hunt their prey. Aggression is vital to the dogs' survival in the wild. An aggressive behavior may have been beneficial when dogs are still living in the wild but today's society frown at this unwanted behavior because of its potential dangerous consequences. Controlling a dog's aggressive behavior is therefore very necessary.

Humans consider dogs as the most ideal pets. These wonderful loyal companions are not only found in most homes but considered as family members as well. Dogs are renowned for being the most ideal choice for a pet but one that manifests an aggressive behavior would certainly cause its owners great problems. Most often, aggressive dogs have to be put to sleep as between the safety of the family and the life of the pet; the family would win hands down. This tragic situation though can be avoided as there are ways to alleviate this concern. To manage this concern, a dog owner has to find the reason for the pet's aggressive behavior. The dog may have hurt someone but punishment and inflicting physical harm on the dog would never solve the problem. Physically dominating the dog can even worsen the aggression.

If a well behaved friendly pet has suddenly started growling, snapping and biting people a vet visit is necessary. A health concern may be the reason why a friendly and well mannered dog has suddenly become aggressive. A dog in pain may snap and bite if touched. Another way of stopping dog aggression is to neuter or spay the pet as a dominant personality is often seen in intact dogs.

The aggressive behavior of the dog can be triggered by a situation in the environment. Any dog owner would know that the pet is territorial and stimulated by food. It is just natural for dogs to react aggressively if it feels that is territory or its food is threatened. The dog's aggression can be minimized if the owner would avoid exposing the dog to the situations which will provoke its aggression.

Many dogs are euthanized because of aggression. It would be hard but dog's aggression can be managed. Socialization and obedience training that would increase the patience threshold of the dog would be beneficial. Dog aggression is one of the most difficult behavioral problems of dogs. A program that will modify the aggressive temperament of the dog can be created with the help of animal behaviorist and a professional dog trainer.

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