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How to prevent dog jumping

Dog training can be taught in a variety of forms, and it is essential to be clear on your vocal training commands. Your dog may become perplexed if he’s told the same things that may have different meanings to you. For instance, let's refer to the command phrases “OFF” and “DOWN”.

It is imperative to learn the difference between "OFF!" and "DOWN!" Especially when you begin obedience training, you will use the command "DOWN!" to mean that the dog will lie down. So, while you're working on his problem of jumping up on you, don't use the wrong command. Tell your dog "OFF!" And what if he doesn't get off? There are reasons why a Dog jumps before trying to stop jumping.

Ever greeted a person you love and only been able to see his or her ankles? Don't you want to look into their face? Your dog does too, so, being very short, he jumps up to see you. The first thing you can do to begin to stop this very annoying jumping is by squatting down to his level to greet your him. When you squat and your dog doesn't have to jump up to see you. That's an important beginning.

Next, whenever your dog jumps up on you, take his front paws, place him off you firmly, and while you're doing this, say "OFF!" loudly. By doing this, mixed with the squat greeting, while he is still a pup, there’s no need for harsh methods. Don’t forget to pat him and say "Good Dog" when all four of his paws are on the ground.

Remember, praise must always follow any effort by the dog to do what you've commanded, even if the effort is a casual version of what you have in mind as obedience. A praise is his reward for being a good dog. Still, you have a one year old stubborn dog that has been controlling your life before you read this. Know one has to tell you that you have a complicated issue! You just have to get rougher than the behavior described above if you want positive results.

Try a knee-jerk reaction whenever your dog jumps on you, bring your knee up quickly against his chest and yell "NO. OFF!" You can shove with your knee as well. Knocking your dog down may be helpful in getting the message across. At least it will be helpful to you in working off some aggravation.

For more tips, search online with keywords phrases like, “free dog training” in Google or another top search engine. Many listings will show up with a variety of training tools like videos, audio files, cassettes you can send for, autoresponder courses, reports and ebooks and more.

You can also visit pet / dog authority sites one for the Humane Society. Form there, find a wealth of helpful articles most often, as well as a link page to even more pet-friendly authority and sponsor sites.

As you can see, there are many avenues available to help you with training. Cheers!

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