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How to stop a dog barking

Want to know how to stop a dog barking, read on and you will find your solution. Why do dogs bark and how to stop a dog barking, the answers to both these questions can be found below. Dogs bark for a range of different reasons and excessive barking is one of the most common complaints dog owners have. If your dog barks more than you'd like, the first step in addressing the problem is to find out the root cause of the barking.

How to Stop a Dog Barking

Before you can fully understand how to stop a dog barking, you need to have an idea of the causes of barking. One of the more common causes of barking is attention seeking. Many puppies learn from a young age that they can attract their owner's attention through barking. Older dogs sometimes bark because they have been left alone too long, because they are not getting enough exercise, or if they lack mental stimulation.

If you think that this is the cause of the barking, start giving your dog more exercise. Work on obedience training 4 times per week to mentally stimulate him, and provide him with lots of interesting toys so that he can entertain himself when you are not there. Try to spend some one on one time with your dog each day so that he doesn't feel neglected.

Fear is another cause of barking. It's very common for dogs to bark when they hear loud noises such as thunder for example. If this happens, bring your dog inside and put him in a safe place such as his crate. Turn on the television or radio to provide some "normal" noise and give your dog his favorite toy to keep him occupied.

The final common cause of barking is separation anxiety. Dogs sometimes suffer separation anxiety is they are attached to you or if they have recently lost someone they love (such as someone leaving home - through divorce or death etc). If your dog suffers from anxiety separation you will need to train your dog that it's ok to be at home alone. You can do this by leaving the house for a short period of time (a minute or two) and then returning, slowly build up the time. When you return to your dog give him a treat (if he hasn't barked).

If you have tried the methods above and you haven't managed to stop your dog barking, you could try a Citronella collar. Not everyone is a fan of these collars but they do seem to solve the problem in many cases.


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