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How to train a dog to sit

Learning how to train a dog to sit is an important task for any new dog owner. Training can begin as soon as the puppy is in his new home. While it may not seem important to teach this to your puppy right off the bat, it is a cornerstone to developing a relationship with your dog. Here are some steps on how to train a dog to sit. 1. The first step is easy. Every time the puppy sits by itself, just say sit. This will teach him to associate the word with the action. This technique can actually be used in training your dog to obey all types of commands.

2. Now comes the training part. Take his favorite treat and hold it in your hand. Make sure that it is small enough that the puppy can swallow it fast.

3. Being on the same level as the dog is less threatening to him, so get down on the floor with him, so that you are at his level. Make sure that you sit close to him -- that way you will be able to provide your dog with his reward more quickly.

4. Move the treat over your puppies head, from front to back, slowly. The idea is for the puppy to smell the treat (he will) and follow it with his nose. He has the option of either backing while still standing or sitting down. It's a lot easier to sit down, so he'll probably do that.

5. It is important in training that a correct response be followed immediately by a reward. As the dog begins to sit, say the word 'sit', and quickly give him his treat.

6. More than a treat, your dog looks for your approval so you should also reward him with that. Your approval for a job well done should be apparent in both the tone of your voice, and body language.

7. This is something you could continue to practice 3-5 times a day. Don't over do it though, as moderation is important, unless you are able to make these steps as fun for the dog as they are for you.

8. Now try the same thing but standing up. See if you can get the dog to sit without the aid of a treat. When he does, heap on the praise. Be sure that you never punish him if he does not sit, but wait patiently for him to sit and then praise him.

It is important that the dog understands that the sit command is not optional. Regardless of distractions in the surrounding environment he must respond. To reinforce the command use it often and require that the dog comply 100% of the time. Socialize your dog by exposing him to a variety of other people, pets and locations. Teaching him to obey the sit command in a variety of situations will enhance his training and help confirm his understanding and compliance.

Learning how to train a dog to sit will reward you in many ways. When you begin training, the puppy learns to respond to his name and becomes accustomed to training and your commands. You earn the puppy's respect as his or her master, and in turn your pet will feel safe and secure. At the end of the day, you will both know you're a great match!

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