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Labrador training techniques using sound to stop bad behavior

The fastest, easiest, most effective approach is to recreate the undesired situation in a controlled setting, and correctly use sound distractions with praise to erase the misbehavior. Dogs can learn or unlearn almost anything in four properly conducted repetitions.

We are going to carry out a 4 step process. Part of this will be to use different locations each time and to use some pros to help. Along the way, we will be trying to get inside our dogs mind to understand his thinking better.

Dogs do think and do communicate, but not like us.So we have to make the effort to understand them better to have more success.

You have to be consistent so as not to confuse. Using conditioned reflex, you will be able to effectively change any behaviour you choose.

Using a set of cans, or any other source of sound, so long as it is brief, and so long as it can be presented from different directions on each consecutive instance, are all that you need to do to break any behavior. Simply create the sound, and follow through with praise! It's that simple. Any behavior can be stopped or broken, simply by creating a sound, and praising immediately. The secret is, to allow the undesired behavior to begin again, and simply present the sound from another direction, and follow through with praise. Of course you have to understand how your dog thinks and learns in order to successfully achieve this.

Every time we create a sound this way, we praise him until he stops the behavior. You have to be ready to start the sound again when the behavior starts. You have to get past the point where you say to yourself "why should i praise him?" but it works. As we said before you have to stop thinking like a human.

The value of this training method is that you can use it now and forever, for anything that you want him to do. It is so effective, that should he not perform as you expect, then he is most likely rebelling against your authority.

Because the process is so enjoyable many people use it forever. Part of that comes from the satisfaction of successfully training our dog. Bear in mind, these are corrections and not the teaching of new behaviors.

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