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Learn tips to socialize your dog

The earliest days after a new dog joins your family are exciting times. Everyone is adjusting and getting used to all of the new excitement. This is the time when you need to be sure that you are doing everything you can to appropriately socialize your new family member. Your dog will come across many different situations throughout his life and it is better for everyone if he learns early on how to react in an pleasing and healthy manner.

A new puppy can begin learning socialization skills as early as 2 to 3 weeks after birth. Usually a family will get a new puppy at about 7 to 8 weeks old. Puppies tend to be more nervous and afraid until they are about 14 weeks old so during the early days be calm with your new puppy.

While socialization skills should be trained early you should also continue to practice throughout your dog's life. A variety of situations and circumstances can transform a dog from friendly and outgoing to nervous, scared and even aggressive. It is essential to frequently introduce your dog to new situations, people and animals.

Acquaint your dog with other dogs and other animals. You can do this at a area park or even a doggie daycare. If you have acquaintances with pets, visiting them is always a nice way to socialize your dog around other animals. Make sure that your dog is all the time up to date on his vaccinations but it is crucial for him to be near other animals.

Familiarize your dog to the people who come around your home the most. Since the mailperson stops by day after day it is a good idea to introduce your dog to him or her. Anyone who stops by time and again should be familiar with your dog. Also if viable make sure your dog is around as many diverse people as possible. This will make him more sociable in different situations.

Dogs lived in the wild in packs and they will naturally recreate a pack pecking order in a new situation. It is important that every person in the family is seen as a dominant pack member. When any human speaks the dog should listen and mind. The dog is the follower and the owner is the alpha dog or the leader.

Socialization should go on throughout the life of your dog. Your dog needs to frequently be subjected to new situations and new people and animals. He will be less prone to develop problems like biting and fighting if he is well socialized.

A dog that is correctly socialized is pleasurable to own and much more pleasing for you and other people. You will also be more successful at dog training. Everything about owning your dog will be easier if he is correctly socialized.

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