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Need to know puppy training tips

Now you have finally decided that your life will never be the same without a puppy. Well, that's right, it won't. hen you initially bring your new puppy home, don't plan on getting much sleep the first night. Do you blame your little baby dogs thrive on habit and routine. Your pup will pine for its mom and his brothers and sisters. Until he gets to know you and really bonds with you, your puppy will not feel comfortable in its new surroundings.

Your pup is, in a sense, like a little child and exhibits little control over its emotions. If you scold him, you will just make your puppy fear you. For the first few nights, if you come when your pup whines, it will reinforce the fact that he can make you appear if he cries. This is a dilemma, and it would be good to invest in a book on how to bring up your little four-footed friend.

Make sure that your puppy has a safe place to sleep. It should be free from harm and drafts. It seems that most puppies will settle down quicker and be able to sleep more soundly if they are warm and snug in a crate. When you pup is older and no longer chews everything in sight, he will probably not have the need to use the crate except when traveling.

If it really disturbs you to hear your puppy whine, you may want to use the soft-hearted approach and put your pup's crate next to your bed. He will know that you are close by, and if he does whine during the night you can put your fingers in his crate to soothe him. After that, most puppies will drift back to sleep.

However, if you have a really determined pup, he may refuse to settle down. If your nerves get the best of you and you become angry with your puppy, take the crate into a separate room in the house and leave him there with just a little food and water. Under no circumstances should you hit your puppy for crying.

These are just a few tips for you that may help your pup feel better acclimated on his first night in your house. When you go to pick up your puppy, ask the breeder if you can have either a cloth or soft toy with its mother's scent on it. Put it in the crate with your puppy. The familiar smell can be a comfort to your pup. You can also leave a small night light on so that the puppy can see his food and water. Do not leave too much, though, because you do not want him to have an accident.

If your puppy cannot sleep in his crate, try placing a sheet over the front door of its crate, thus leaving the sides uncovered so he can get air. After doing this several times, your puppy will get the idea that it means bedtime.

Some people don't mind if their pups sleep in the bed with them. This will quickly develop into a habit that may be rather hard to break down the road. If you allow this behavior when your dog is still a puppy, make sure you want this to continue when your pup becomes an adult. It is not as easy to retrain an adult dog.

Hopefully, these tips will get you through the first few nights with your new little puppy. Remember that he has a big adjustment to make so take things slow. You will be sure to have years of enjoyment with your new found friend.

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