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New owners guide to puppy toilet training

Potty training is among the first things you should take care of when you get a new puppy. This will help ensure that your dog doesn't just eliminate wherever he wants to. Potty training is easy enough to do as long as you keep the basics in mind. Here are some basic puppy toilet training tips to help you get started.

First of all, you shouldn't look at toilet training as a necessary evil in raising dogs. Rather, look at it as the first step towards building a lasting bond with your pet. After all, this is when you start communicating with your dog and making him obey your commands.

As long as you adopt the right attitude towards potty training, all other puppy toilet training tips will be easy enough to remember and apply.

Potty training should start as soon as you bring the puppy home. If you have enough space outside the house then it is best to designate an elimination area right there. Otherwise, you may choose a convenient corner inside your house and place a paper or litter box to serve as elimination area.

DO NOT let your puppy eliminate directly onto the floor. This is one of the most basic puppy toilet training tips to bear in mind.

Expect potty accidents during the first two months of potty training. Just because you are following all puppy toilet training tips to the letter, it doesn't mean your puppy won't eliminate on your floor from time to time.

Remember that the puppy is still learning and he may not have fully understood exactly what you expect from him yet. Do not scold your puppy when these accidents happen. You can scream yourself hoarse, and the puppy still won't understand why he is being yelled at.

Here are the best puppy toilet training tips for potty accidents. First, clean up the mess and be sure to remove all traces of odour. If a puppy can smell traces of his urine or feces in a particular area, he will think it is okay to eliminate there. Remember that dogs have a much keener sense of smell than humans, so you'll need to buy special cleansers from a pet store for this task. It is also advisable to restrict your puppy's movements to the areas in your house containing floors that are easy to clean. You may allow him to enter other areas when he is fully potty trained.

Puppies often give signals that they are about to go. They usually sniff around, whine, or circle a particular area. The moment you see your puppy doing any of these things, firmly say "No" and then bring him to the elimination area. Stay with him until he does his business and then clean the area. Your puppy may refuse to eliminate in the same area if you leave the mess there.

As long as you follow these basic puppy toilet training tips, you should soon reap the rewards of having a dog that's been properly house trained.

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