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Raising your Shar Pei puppy

Although the Shar Pei can be headstrong at times and have a stubborn streak, as they are also intelligent and playful. When training a Shar Pei pup it is important to have persistence since they are dominant and will try to run your house if they are able. You can establish yourself as head of household by starting training early and being persistent.

However, in order to give your Shar Pei pup a long, healthy and happy life you need to take care of them. First to do this you need to make sure you get your Shar Pei pup vaccinated when you first get them and then get their booster shots on the exact schedule that your veterinarian recommends in order to keep up their immunity against diseases.

It is also a good idea to discuss flea control products, heartworm preventative treatment and worming with your veterinarian. By doing these things you can keep your Shar Pei pup healthy and happy.

Diet is another important part of taking care of your Shar Pei pup. Make sure you feed your Shar Pei pup a high-grade dog food. You should make sure the first ingredient of your dog food is meat. It should also have a crude protein level between twenty-two and twenty-six percent with a crude fat level that is no less than twenty percent. You should also make sure that you dog food doesn't have a fiber content under four percent.

Another important task is to socialize your Shar Pei pup from a very early age with children and any other pets in your household. While the Shar Pei can be very playful around children they can also be very aggressive around other dogs. You should avoid using a sharp voice when training your Shar Pei pup. Rather you want to use kind words and positive reinforcement such as treats. However, you always need to be firm when you handle your Shar Pei pup due to their stubborn streak.

Every day you should exercise your Shar Pei pup, but make sure you keep them on a leash at all times so they don't get into conflicts with other dogs. You should consider taking your Shar Pei pup to puppy kindergarten training classes around ten weeks of age. Although make sure your Shar Pei pup has plenty of shade and water when exercising in hot weather because they are extremely sensitive to heat.

At least once a week you should brush your dog's coat with a bristle brush and grooming should be done several times a day when they are shedding. Give you Shar Pei pup a bath as needed but be careful not to shampoo them too frequently since this can make them more susceptible to dry skin.

You should bath your dog no more than once every two weeks if possible. Check your pup's nails regularly and trim them at least every two to four weeks. When your Shar Pei is still a puppy you should begin a nail-trimming schedule. To avoid ear problems make sure you check and clean their ears with a cotton swab often.

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