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Real methods for crate training dogs

In the past, there were many pets that have behavior problems that cause the owners to either mistreat or get rid of these animals. For some the use of the crate will put a stop to these activities. This valuable training tool has allowed dogs the opportunity to be trained in the safest environment within your home.

Crates can be of great use when you are traveling and also for when you are house training your dog. They have many benefits, some of which I will outline below. Debate over whether crates should be used for cog training is evident, most commonly between veterinarians and dog trainers. Many vets disapprove of crate training dogs while many professional dog trainers swear by it.


Some Vet's question whether locking a dog inside a crate is inhumane and whether the dog feels punished by this. When a dog is properly trained however they see the crate as their own den and actually like sleeping there as they feel safe. Crate's have numerous benefits that will help you and your dog build a better relationship.

Other advantages to having a crate for your dog is that you will be able to leave your dog at home without worrying about them wrecking furnishings, or soiling your carpets and you give them a safe place to relax when you are away. Dogs tend not to go to the toilet in their bed, the crate will help you to teach them outside elimination, helps them to avoid having accidents in your home. It will also keep them from destroying your house while you are working and allows him to take family trips without feeling uncomfortable.

Avoid leaving your dog in its crate all day. They need an opportunity every few hours to stretch their legs and exercise if possible. You should also try to let them out every one in a while to go to the toilet.

Some dogs find crate training a breeze while others are not so passionate about it. Try to find out what works best for your dog and stick with it - always remember that no two dogs are the same so be prepared to be flexible.

Crate training works best when your dog is still a puppy. If you seem that no matter how persistent you are with your dog, you never get results, it might be time to stop attempting to use this method and to try a different one.

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