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Secrets to stop dogs jumping

In many cases, one of the most frightening things for you dog to do is to jump on a small child or a guest to your home. They may jump excitedly because you are home, but if you have a really big dog this can cause you injury or injury to one of your family members especially the children.

Teaching dogs to stop jumping is one of the easier things you will need to train your dog. Using correct and consistent training will stop your dog jumping in no time.

There are quite a few reasons that a dog may jump on you or your visitors, one of the main one is to let you know that he is the king of the castle. He may jump on furniture or up on your guest to tell them that the leader of the pack is him and you have entered his domain. In this case the dog can even become very aggressive with your visitors as well.

Another common reasons dogs jump up is to greet you. He may want to sniff your face to get a good idea of who you are. The only problem with this kind of greeting is that your dog will need to jump up to do it.

Yet another reason for jumping may be because they got a reward at some time or another for a feat such as this. He may have received extra attention for jumping or told to come up here by one of the children. There are numerous reasons but when rewards are given the dog usually will continue to repeat this activity in hopes that they will receive that same reward.

The way to stop your dog from jumping is to not make such a bid deal out of coming home. If your dog is trying to get your attention when you first get home by jumping and pestering you, it is very important that you make it plain that you are the king of the house; a small squirt of water to the face will accomplish this.

Coming down to your dog's level is another way you can minimize the jumping. This way your dog will be able to sniff you without jumping up and also gets the attention he's after.

Don't play rough with your dog. Even though this can be fun, doing it shows your dog that you are allowing rough behavior and even encouraging it. You will also be confusing your dog as it will have no idea when, where, and with whom, rough play is allowed.

Finally, when your dog is becoming out of control and jumping a lot, training becomes very important. Be firm and consistent in your training methods and use the "Sit" and "Off" commands regularly.

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