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Secrets to Stop Your Dog Chasing

There are some dogs, who think it is there job to chase everything that moves. They chase children, cars and any other moving vehicle. These dogs run the risk of being in an accident or causing one. In many times they are injured or may even in the worse case scenario; die in one of their chasing activities. Each dog that chases cars also proves to be an annoying aggravation to people who are driving and kids on bicycles. In the case of cars, it can also jeopardize the lives of many people.

You can avoid the horrible situation of losing your dog by working through some techniques to curb your dogs behavior. It's vital that you work on training your dog as the alternative may mean you lose your dog for good, a terrible situation to think about.


When you start to train your dog, one of the most important things you need to remember is that you'll have to be patient. Don't expect results overnight. Refrain from yelling at your dog as well as this could do 1 of 2 dangerous things, firstly it could make the dog run away even faster, or it could make your dog stop suddenly in the middle of the street - neither is a desirable outcome. What you should do to start with is buy a leash. Start using the leash to teach your dog to walk calmly.

You will also want to teach him to heel when you command him to. If your dog heels when you want him to, you may still want the added protection of a long leash for your dog. Make him walk next to you instead, keeping a firm hold on the leash and telling him to heal before crossing the street. Do not get excited when he does what you say or you will make him get the wrong idea about what you mean and will not hear you when you tell him to stop chasing the cars.

The best way to teach your dog to heal is to walk around with your dog and to stop on occasions and request that it "Heels". Give your dog a small treat when he follows your command. Little by little he will learn the heeling is a good behavior. If this training simply isn't working for you, I suggest you get your dog to a professional dog trainer or use a dog training guide to train it not to chase cars.

Once you have successfully taught your dog how to heel, you will be able to relax when your dog is outside, you can even walk your dog without a leash if you're totally confident in him. Just remember to avoid over praising your dog as this will bring about bad behaviors again. Keep calm and give a little praise for good behavior, not a lot.

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Wednesday, 06 December 2023

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