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Stop dogs jumping the easy way

One of the most common problems dog owners face is when dogs jump. Jumping dogs are can be a nuisance and can even knock people over sometimes. Puppies are usually taught that jumping up is ok from a young age. Most puppies are invited to jump up as many dog owner find this behavior cute and affectionate. A full grown dog however can become a real problem.

There are two main reasons that dogs jump up on people. The first and most common reason is due to excitement and wanting to say hello in an up close and personal way. The second reason that dogs jump on people is when they are trying to show dominance over you " this is much more serious and needs to be treated accordingly.

There is big difference in your dogs attitude when it is jumping though excitement as opposed to jumping in order to dominate. Jumping through excitement will usually only happen when you get home or if you are playing with your dog. If your dog is jumping up on you sporadically throughout the day, its most likely trying to dominate you.

If your dog is trying to dominate you, you are going to need to apply some simple tactics to win back Alpha dog status. Becoming the Alpha dog doesn't happen overnight but by following the suggestions below you will be able to maintain respect and control in no time at all.

  1. Don't greet your dog immediately when you arrive home. Greet your dog in a relaxed manner after you have already been in the house ten minutes.
  2. Your dog should work for your attention. Don't give your dog any attention unless it has just obeyed some basic command.
  3. Always give you dog food once you and your family have finished your meals.
  4. Train your dog in the basics " sit, stay, come, etc

Those four tips should give you Alpha Dog status in no time.

Having achieved Alpha dog status " you are now in a position to train your dog not to jump. Before starting the training, remember that consistency is the key to success, and that no jumping should ever be allowed unless asked for.

You can easily show that jumping up on people is not acceptable just by ignoring your dog teach time it happens. Simply turn away and give your pooch the cold shoulder.

Ignore your dog until it has calmed down and is on all fours standing next to you. Once it is in this position, go ahead and praise the dog.

Keep practicing this method and you will quickly get good results. Your dog will stop jumping up on you.


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