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Suggestions on dealing with the hyperactive dog

A hyperactive dog can make your home feel more like a circus at times. We decide to get a dog for a lot of different reasons. We may want a dog for companionship for ourselves or our children, or we may want a dog for protection. If the dog we get ends up being too hyperactive it may get to the point where you don't want to spend any more time with your pet.

This can be changed with time and dedication. You will not get results immediately but with in a week or two your dog will start showing improvements. Once you have been at it for a few weeks your dog will actually be the very one you want to play with.

The first thing you have to do is let your dog know that you are the boss and not him. You will be the one deciding when to play, not your dog. You will also be the one deciding how long playtime lasts. You should take away your dogs toys and put them somewhere he cannot find them. You then want to have some type of buzzer or timer that does not sound like anything else in your home.

Your dog will have learn to recognize the sound of the timer. When you are ready to begin playing with your dog, set the timer for the amount of time you want to play. Retrieve your dog's toys and let the play begin. When the timer buzzes stop playing. Take the toys back to the hiding spot. You may want to leave a chew bone for your dog.

After doing this for a while your dog will learn that when the buzzer sounds, playtime is over. This will teach your pet that no one will play once playtime is over. Another important step in calming a hyperactive dog is giving him enough exercise. When dogs do not get enough exercise it has to come out somehow, just like with children.

Take your dog for a walk, to the dog park, or even just in the back yard. If your dog likes to chase balls this is a great way to run off that extra energy. Throw the ball for your dog for a while. If he does not fetch you can just simply walk him around for a while.

You can do anything that helps your dog to get tired. This is the best way to get him calmer. A schedule is a great idea for dogs. Set up a schedule for eating, feeding, walking, playing and whatever else you and your dog do. Your dog will feel more relaxed when he knows what to expect.

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