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Teach your Poodle to obey

Poodles are mostly known to be show dogs, with average intelligence and average requirements for training. Though sometimes you will find a strong willed dog that will resist basic obedience training, generally speaking there is not much trouble in having these lovable dogs doing what you want them to do.

It is recommended usually to have your Poodle enrolled into a regular Poodle obedience training class because this will help the dog with the only one problem typical to this breed, which is socializing with both people and other animals.

There are many commands that your Poodle needs to learn through the basic obedience training, such as sit, down, stay, heel and come. You will find that most dogs will go through the training like the breeze learning fast and flawlessly all the commands and reveling in the pleasure that it gives you when they show you what they know.

There are many commands that your dog will learn under a Poodle training program. One among these will be the stay command. This is a command that tells the dog not to move from its place. This is a very important command if you want to have a well-behaved dog both inside and outside its environment.

You need to teach this command initially with the leash on and then without the leash. Try making it more and more difficult like giving the command of come from inside the house, or a place where it cannot see you. Give this about a week's time by the end of which you will find that the dog will have mastered the command.

There is a command that most Poodles find it hard to obey mostly because they are so bubbly in nature, the command down. This is a command under the Poodle obedience training that will help you control your dog's effervescent behavior when you have guests or when you plan to introduce them to other smaller animals in your house such as cats.

Raise the hand above the dog's head slowly ensuring that it is following the movement and then lower it towards its tail. At this point the dog will sit down so it can continue to watch your hand. Say the command loudly, give the treat and praise it profusely.

Have your Poodle in the sit position and then bring the hand with the treat to the floor in front of it, while with the other hand you softly push the dog to the floor from the shoulders. As soon as the dog reaches the down position, give it the treat and praise it sky high. Repeat until it learns over a few weeks.

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