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The Labrador dog and its personality

Do a little research and you will see that the Labrador dog is the most popular breed of dog on the planet. There are a multitude of reasons why the Labrador dog is so popular and if you know up front what the Labrador dog is like then it makes it easier to assimilate the dog into your life. The Labrador dog is popular as a seeing eye dog for the blind or as a family pet. Either way the number of Labrador dogs in the world today suggests that the breed is doing something right!

In order to be trusted as the seeing eyes for the blind a dog must be extremely obedient. The Labrador dog is known the world over for its obedience and as long as the dog learns it can trust you then you will find that the Labrador dog is extremely easy to train in all aspects of its everyday life.

In order to be a working dog, or what many people call an assistance dog, the Labrador dog must also be very intelligent. The Labrador dog is well known for its intelligence, which also makes it very easy to train. It not only makes the Labrador dog easy to train but it assures that the dog will retain much more of the important lessons it needs to learn in order to do the things it is asked to do in its every day life.

The Labrador dog loves to play and if the dog is properly trained then it can be one of the best playmates for older children that you could ever find. The whole family can enjoy playing with their Labrador dog as the dog has boundless energy, loves to run, and loves to play.

Just like any other breed of dog the Labrador dog also has its faults. If a Labrador dog is not properly trained then it may not know when playtime is over and can become quite rough while being energetic.

Boundless energy can sometimes be a problem as well as a Labrador dog can sometimes get out of hand. For all of their intelligence and obedience they still need proper training and without proper training they can be a bit of a nuisance when it comes to playing and running about.

Intelligent, obedient, energetic and extremely loyal are just some of the traits of the Labrador dog. There is no other popular breed of dog in the world and when you put everything together that makes it a great dog!  There is little wonder why so many people love to have a Labrador dog for their family or their every day life.

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