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The top Yorkshire Terrier training tips

There are many benefits that you will receive from owning a Yorkshire Terrier dog. They are truly adorable dogs, but do not let their small stature fool you, because they are great watchdogs and very brave as well. They are always very alert and active and will notify you of any noise or disturbance, particularly during nighttime hours.

You are going to want to be aware of the issue of Yorkshire Terrier training before getting a Yorkie for yourself however. Training is very important while your dog is still a puppy so that they can learn proper manners and behavior training and grow up to be a polite and obedient dog. You can certainly train a dog once they are a fully grown but it is always best to start as early on as you can because you are then more likely to have the best results you possibly can.

There are a few things in particular that you are going to want to remember when it comes to Yorkshire terrier training. First you need to know that there are a few different dog obedience training styles that you can choose to use. One of the most commonly used dog training styles is known as collar training.

Keep in mind that one of the major reasons Yorkshire Terrier training is so important is because this way you can establish a foundation from which you and your dog can learn to effectively relate to one another. Obedience training can help by fulfilling some of your dog's most basic needs, including exercise, security and a feeling of accomplishment.

Both of these training styles can be used with varying degrees of source, and generally with a leash based obedience training system the dog is first taught a behavior and then once the dog shows that he understands the command you can progress and the leash is used to correct the dog at any point where he is not obeying. Remember that in order for the dog to be fully trained the dog should be trained first to trust the handler and allow them to place them in a position that they do not necessarily want to assume.

The bottom line is that you can fully train your dogs yourself, and you just have to be willing to put in the time and effort that is going to be required here. Remember that Yorkshire Terrier training should really be a top priority, and also remember that it is important for you to start training your dog as soon as you bring it home, rather than waiting for Yorkshire Terrier problem behaviors to occur. The younger they are, the easier it is going to be to burn the training into their head.

You should then always remember to do this in the future, because this will be what they will respond to. Never get impatient or frustrated with your dog, because this will only confuse and aggravate them. Proper training should discourage Yorkshire Terrier problem behaviors, not cause them.

Yorkshire Terriers can really make wonderful pets, but you need to make sure that you are fully prepared for the dog before you get them home. This means having a knowledgeable and experienced veterinarian ready, and the proper dog supplies and products on hand and ready to go. You also want to have your dog training process laid out in your mind so that you know how to get started and will have the most success with it.

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