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Toy Pomeranians: Little dogs with big attitudes

Toy Pomeranians are easy to identify and hard to forget. They look like the world's cutest, tiniest foxes with coats twice as big as their bodies. They have a high forehead, pointed ears, huge eyes and a button nose at the end of a slightly pointed snout. Some snouts will be blunter than others. The breeding trend seems to be for a profile like that of a Chihuahua rather than that of a miniature Spitz.

Pomeranians are incredibly popular, but this popularity comes at a price. They are often purchased on impulse and then abandoned when reality sets in. You need to know basic Pomeranian information before taking on one of these dogs. They have certain demands that need to be met, but when they are they become a loyal and chipper companion that will be unforgettable. You need to get used to their yappy bark, their shedding and their delicate skeleton.

Most toy Pomeranians are abandoned through no fault of their own. A lot do not get along with little children or boisterous, bigger dogs. They like to be the star of the show. But their thick, soft, profuse coats are a big reason why many get abandoned. This coat grows thickly, quickly and needs constant attention. If you have ever had a Persian cat, then you already know what is involved.

Toy Pomeranians are vain, highly intelligent and protective of whatever they like. If they bark and snap at strangers coming up to your door, take this as a compliment (in a way), as you are liked enough by your Pomeranian to be worthy of protection.

Their teeth need to be examined and brushed on a daily basis, as their teeth are about the most delicate in the canine kingdom.

Because of the tiny size of the toy Pomeranian, they are difficult to housebreak completely. Males will always lift their legs to mark territory unless you get them neutered. Many toy Pomeranians have been successfully litter trained, more so females than males. Pomeranians know very well to go outside, but their tiny bladders often cannot hold onto the urine long enough for you to let them out. Pomeranians are very intelligent and very trainable.

Toy Pomeranians have excellent senses of humor, although the level of this humor will vary from dog to dog. One Pomeranian has become a small Internet sensation on the YouTube show "Cute With Chris" by pooping her pile of poo in the shape of a smiley face.

Toy Pomeranians also will use tools like slamming doors or knocking over chairs in order to sound much fiercer than they really are. Living with a toy Pomeranian is a challenge, the same as with a child.

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