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Training a Shar Pei rescue dog

You have made a wonderful decision to give a Shar Pei rescue dog a second chance in life but there are some things about the Shar Pei that you need to know before you can successfully train a Shar Pei rescue dog.

Giving a pet a second chance is a great gesture and if you take your time and really give your dog a chance then you can expect many years of love and happiness with your new pet. Take some time to do a little research to get more familiar with how you should be training your new dog.

A Shar Pei is a very protective dog as they were bred originally as guard dogs so their nature is to be very protective. They will get to the point of protecting their family at all costs so be prepared to have your dog get very attached to you and your family. Be watchful of a Shar Pei that seems a bit territorial however as that can be the result of previous abusive behavior.

The Shar Pei is very capable of being a social animal that can interact without problem with humans and other animals. A Shar Pei rescue dog will need extra help and time to be able to socialize after its abusive past but Shar Peis are intelligent enough to be able to catch on to social training and know when they are supposed to be learning to interact with others. All the Shar Pei rescue dog needs is some reassurance and the rest is up to them.

It bears repeating that the Shar Pei is an extremely intelligent dog because it helps you understand how to train them better. A Shar Pei responds well to training but gets bored easily with some of the repetition involved in standard training. A rescue dog is going to require even more time to adjust so patience is needed on your part and you will also need to come up with some creative training that will get your point across and keep your dog listening at the same time.

If you find yourself not knowing how to handle your Shar Pei rescue dog, or if you just have questions, always remember that you can always ask your vet for their advice and assistance. You can also try and see if any of the local Shar Pei breeders in your area would be willing to help you out with advice as well.

A reputable breeder will be more than happy to offer some words of advice and your vet will always be one of your best sources for information.

The Shar Pei was originally bred in China as a fighting dog so their nature is to be intelligent and also aggressive. Bad training, or abusive behavior, can sometimes bring out that aggression and that is why you will need to show your new dog the utmost in patience and love so that they know they are safe in your home. Once you get through to your dog you will have a beloved companion for many years.

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Thursday, 30 November 2023

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