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Two efficient methods to housetrain your new puppy

The number one main concern for the majority of new puppy owners is housetraining. Very few people are blessed enough to get a puppy that is already trained. There are two methods that are both very valuable for housetraining and you can use either of them or you can also use both of them at the same time.

The first way you can get started training your puppy is by using observation and noticing his conduct. Puppies will crouch to urinate or defecate. As soon as you see you puppy starting to change his stance and starting to squat you will need to scoop him up and take him out to his designated spot. If you happen to miss the signs and he has an accident you should not reproach him as he still does not know precisely what is expected of him and scolding will just upset him.

Also, if you do neglect the sign and you come across it later, it will only upset your puppy if you discipline him then. Dogs are not like humans and they can only relate to what is happening now. If you admonish him later for a potty accident he will not realize that is why he is in trouble. He can only realize if you scold him for something right away.

The second mode of housetraining you can use is the newspaper method. You must cover the entire floor of where your puppy runs around. He will promptly learn that the paper is all right to do his business on. Progressively take out more and more paper until there is only a small section left. You may then take the paper out to the designated spot and he will then understand that he must only go in that outside spot.

Either of these methods can work out well. You may want to use both methods concurrently by using vigilance during the day and the newspapers at nighttime. When you are active or sidetracked by other things, the newspaper routine may work better.

Infrequently a puppy will go through a phase where he seems to "unlearn" all that you thought he already knew. This is a common happening even though it can be very exasperating. Do not reprimand him for it.

When this happens you can use his own instinctual behavior to get him back on track. A dog will in general not sully his own space. You can use a crate and make it comfy for him so that he thinks of it as his room. If it seems he has "unlearned" his potty training you can let him sleep in his crate and the moment after you let him out, take him to his selected spot. He will need to alleviate himself right away and he will quickly get in the routine of only going in his spot.

Housetraining does not need to be tough or frightening. Both of these methods can be quite successful and if you try them along with some patience you will be triumphant with your housetraining before you know it.

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