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Uncover one of the best puppy training tips of experts: Crate training

I don't know anything about you but I'm sure you've had days when you just want to get away and spend some quiet time alone relaxing. It's not about being lazy-- timely mini vacations have proved to be quite helpful in decreasing stress while increasing productivity levels. You're probably going, 'I wish! Tell that to my boss.' Well, what if your boss is the one who planned it all for you? Wouldn't a personal retreat sound good?

Dogs are no different. They seek out dens to hide out in when they feel threatened and vulnerable. In the wild, it would be easy enough to go about doing this; but in the jungle called domestic home life, they wouldn't know where to start. Being a loving master means having enough responsibility to see them utilize methods that nurture and protect them. This article gives you effective puppy training tips on how to best crate train your dog.

At first I thought crate training a puppy must be this cruel method of torture inflicted on disobedient pups. Its not. Wouldn't you know-- it is actually a very helpful and friendly method of training dogs. Canines are not keen on sleeping in a place he already soiled. A crate trained puppy then would keep from eliminating until you let him out of his area; so release him to potty when he has spent sufficient time inside the crate. Make sure the said space is not big enough to have space between his sleeping and toilet area.

Put the enclosure in a room where people gather together. Do not rush the puppy into the whole process; it can be traumatic when done incorrectly. Place his favorite treats and things in and begin to feed him inside the crate. This is your puppy's special place and you want him to associate the crate with happy and pleasant things. Never use this as a form of punishment.

After a while, he will begin to be comfortable inside. When you feel the time is right, close the crate while you are still in the room. Do not release him the moment he cries or becomes upset. This will tell the puppy that reacting violently will get him what he wants and believe me; no owner would ever want that. Unless he is in pain or wants to potty, wait for the cries to subside before opening the crate.

When the puppy is not panicking with being enclosed in the crate, leave the room for several minutes at a time. With his favorite toys and treats inside with him, he should be feeling comfortable and able to keep himself amused even without you being there constantly. You can leave him inside his crate but never for more than four hours at a time. Puppies have not fully mastered their bowel movements and having to eliminate in his space will upset him.

These are few puppy training tips that when followed, will do so much to increase your leisure time significantly. Crate training aids potty and sleeping habits without much hard work. Sounds good right? You also have the freedom to take longer trips and vacations without undue stress of worrying about your puppy. For times you need space you can leave him be. The dog will be happy in his own world and you in yours. When you are successful in crate training a puppy-- your former lifestyle will be as forgotten as a buried bone.

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