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Understanding the mind of the Pug

It is advisable that you not start your Pug obedience training before your Pug has reached the age of seven months and the best way to succeed with Pug training is to win over his confidence and thus make him come to love you and admire your leadership. In fact, once you have brought your Pug home, you can start to teach him how to walk loosely on a leash and also teach him where to sit, as well to lie down when given commands such as sit and lie, and to also learn that the come command means to come to you.

Proper Pug obedience training requires exercising patience in making your Pug puppy learn the meaning of each command and in this you can use your hands as also the training leash while using a reassuring voice when getting him to learn a new routine. You need to repeat a word that is associated with a particular act and to also demonstrate repeatedly so that the Pug is able to then connect the word with the desired action.

You need to look for signs that your Pug has begun to connect your commands to their associated actions without need to guide him physically and once this has been accomplished you will then not need to correct his actions. Remember that you need to teach your Pug obedience training by being gentle as well as kind to him rather than being harsh and punitive, and once he shows his understanding you can be a bit stricter so that he does not forget the commands. In any case, you should never slap him while imparting Pug training though praising him when he performs the desired action is recommended.

However, it is not advisable to use force or slap or punish him while in the process of Pug training, though you should praise him when he responds in the appropriate manner.

However, praising him whenever he responds correctly to a command is desirable and you can even drill into him the correct behavior so that it becomes well ingrained in him which will then get him to respond to different commands in the appropriate manner.There is no doubt that to perform Pug obedience training in the proper manner is very important to making your Pug behave in a desirable manner and thus reduce the chances of him becoming a problem pet.

Thus, to get best results, you should get him started off at an early age, and also be patient during the whole Pug training exercise. Pretty soon he should begin to associate proper actions with appropriate command words and by praising him and drilling the correct action, you will have succeeded in your efforts.

The time that you spend in Pug obedience training will prove to be well worth it because not only will you inculcate desirable behavior in your Pug puppy, but it will also help you develop bonds that bring you close to him as well as strengthens your ties with him and thus you will come to enjoy your time with your Pug a lot more, and vice versa.

And only after the Pug begins to respond well can you extend a single training session to about fifteen minutes. In addition, you need to vary your training methods so that the Pug does not get bored with repeated training and using training equipment should also prove to be a useful aid in getting best results.

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