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What you need to know about Chihuahua problem behaviors

The most common Chihuahua problem behaviors are aggression, barking and having housebreaking issues. The first two are serious problem behaviors - the third is more of a nuisance than anything else. When you get a Chihuahua puppy from a pet store, your dog will be guaranteed to have all three of these problems, as pet store puppies are not socialized or trained in any way.

One of the most common is aggression. This is incredibly serious and should never be ignored. Your Chihuahua can be legally destroyed if he or she attacks livestock, other pets or people. Although a little dog, their bites are big. Chihuahuas were bred to be guard dogs, so they usually will approach strangers warily. You need to let them know they can relax and let you make the decisions of who to attack and who to leave alone. When your Chihuahua looks to you to make these decisions like puppies look to their mothers, then you have a more relaxed and calmer dog.

Chihuahuas are extremely territorial dogs. They have plenty of sass and snap in order to scare off any intruders. Most Chihuahuas will not get along with larger breeds of dogs, unless they were raised together. Chihuahuas were bred to be guard dogs. They do this job very well ? sometimes too well. They can see danger lurking everywhere and can think they are the only ones tough enough to scare intruders off.

If your Chihuahua exhibits any of these Chihuahua problem behaviors, he or she needs to be on a lead or in a secure yard whenever outside. And they also need serious training.

For aggression, don't fool yourself. This is too dangerous to trust to a dog training book or video. You and your dog need to enroll in obedience classes and enlist the services of a dog trainer. Don't be surprised if the trainer makes your Chihuahua wear a muzzle if you are in group classes. Classes are more affordable and available now more than ever. Even national chain pet stores like PetSmart and PetCo often offer them.

Make sure your Chihuahua is not being overfed ? this can lead to hyperactivity, which leads to barking and aggression. Also, make sure your Chihuahua gets regular daily exercise. Remember ? a tired Chihuahua is a good Chihuahua. Since they are so small, they don't need hikes in the woods. Also, get your dog neutered. This will help your dog trainer considerably in dealing with your Chihuahua problem behaviors.

Your vet should have some Chihuahua training tips for you. If not, ask him or her to recommend a good dog trainer in the area. You need to learn how to communicate your wishes to your dog more effectively. Some Chihuahua problem behaviors like barking can often be taken care of with the advice you can find in all-breed dog training books and videos.

For behaviors like barking, digging and chewing, any dog training book or video should be loaded with tips that will work for the problem Chihuahua.

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