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What you need to know about effective dog training tips

The best person to train your dog is you. Whoever said you can't do it probably failed themselves because they do not have the right techniques and enough perseverance to see their endeavors through. Dog training puts your patience into high gear and many times it's just plain frustrating. But if you stay on course no matter what you will reap fruits of your efforts before you even know it. You will have a cleaner home, your social life will be fuller and you will enjoy a stronger and richer bond with your pet.

Let's start by looking into what goes on inside the mind of your dog so we can better grasp the reasons behind the given dog training tips. People are logical and intelligent creatures (most of us anyway). We can correctly assume the outcome of any given situation through reasoning skills and basic common sense. Dogs on the other hand, are lovable but not as smart. They understand only through simple reactions and a consistent repetition of unchanging commands. For instance, we understand that 'Come!', 'Let's go!', or 'Come here!' mean the same thing. But with dogs, all three phrases are as different as different can be. He might go to you after the millionth time of calling him but that doesn't mean he understands what you're trying to say.

Thus, you will have to be consistent in the exact words and phrases you use in training your dogs the basic commands. This will apply to everything relating to him.

It is foundational and of utmost importance that your dog acknowledges you as the immovable head of the pack. It does not imply that you need to be excessively mean and harsh to the dog to affirm your authority; you need only to be firm and strong. Once he recognizes you as the leader, the dog will seek to obey and follow you as a good subordinate does.

Rubbing the dogs belly is a good strategy in enforcing your authority. It teaches him submission by allowing him to lick the back of your hand. Never concede to his growling and whining just to keep him quiet. It is imperative that you establish habits that lead to good behavior the earlier the better.

Another trick experts use in training animals is to let the dog teach himself. For example, your dog is gnawing on things not meant for dog's teeth. Pet owners will reprimand the dog right away and take the thing away. This isn't wrong but a better method is to replace incorrect behavior with the right one by planting unpleasant sensations and memories from the wrong behavior.

When the dog chews on a shoe, use a quick sharp squirt of a water gun to his face. If he resumes chewing, squirt him again. Now place one of his playthings in front of him. If he picks it up and plays with it, praise him enthusiastically. The dog will associate good feelings with playing with his toy and bad feelings when playing with the shoe.

Dog socialization in an important but often overlooked area of dog training. Developing social skills should start within three months of the puppy's life. However, it would be good to have even older dogs socialize with people and other dogs regularly. Put socialization high up in the training priority list by introducing him to different kinds of people and animals (make sure they're healthy) throughout his life.

To bring someone or something up in discipline and tender care is a sign of love and maturity. These dog training tips will help your dogs be happy and confident in their life. Sure it has its challenges; but the end result is always worth it.

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