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While dog training, here are 5 easy ways to make your dog mind

When you begin training your dog, you first need to establish that you are the leader of the pack over your dog. This will make your dog training sessions much easier and your dog will be more compliant to your commands.
You see, in the dog world, the alpha dog is the leader of all the other dogs. He does everything first and he also does what he wants when he wants. The alpha dog also gets the best toys and food. He makes all the decisions for the other pack animals and the other dogs simply do what ever the alpha dog allows them to do. So, if your dog sees you as the leader, then he will learn and obey your commands much faster. Here are 5 ways you can become the leader and ensure your dog is a follower.

One of the simplest ways to get your dog to realize that you are the leader of the pack is in the way your feed your dog. Your dog's meal time is excellent training ground and will not take any longer that it usually does to feed him. The first rule is you must eat first and your dog must see you eating first. Once you are done, then you can begin to prepare your dogs food. Place his food into his bowl, swish it around with your hands to distribute your scent all over his food, make him sit, and then feed him. By doing this every time your dog eats, he will soon learn that you are the alpha of the pack because the alpha always eats first. Plus, you are further enforcing your status in the pack by placing your scent all over his food. In basic dog language you are claiming that the food is yours and that you are letting your dog eat your food.

Another way to show your dog who is boss is to simply ignore him when you come home. I know this sounds mean and that you just want to show your beloved dog how much you missed him, but your dog does not see it that way. You see, in a pack, when someone comes in, the leader is always greeted first and with much praise. So, when you come home and you immediately show your dog affection, you are basically telling him that he is the leader of your family pack. When you come home, ignore the dog and greet the other people in your household first. Then when your dog is calm, call him over to you and shower him with affection and love. This simple change will let your dog know that he is not the alpha of the pack.

Next method is for you to make all the decisions for your dog. This one, I feel, takes the most time and is the hardest for us to implement simply because we love our dogs and it is hard to deny them love and attention. You see, in a pack, the leader makes all the decisions and the rest of the pack follows the leader. So, when you dog demands it is play time or wants some love and attention, you simply ignore him. This one is much easier to read than it is to implement. You must make all the decisions for your dog. If he wants to play and brings a toy over to you, ignore him until he gives up, then grab his toy and ask him if he wants to play. You see, it on your time and not his. Pretty soon, your dog will realize that you are making all the decisions and will await your next instruction because he will see you as the leader.

Bedtime is one more method where you can show your dog that you are the leader. The alpha dog, in the pack, always gets the best of everything, including where he sleeps. When they all sleep, the alpha dog gets the highest spot over all the other dogs because they are looking out after their pack. So, when you go to bed, you need to make sure that your dog sleeps on the floor in his bed while you sleep up higher than him in your bed. You can still play with your dog while in bed or while you are watching a movie before your go to sleep, but when it is time to go to sleep, you need to make your dog go lie down in his own bed.

The last way you can assure your dog that you are the leader is through massages and grooming. What you need to do is make your dog lie down on his side and then gently brush him and rub his belly. This is also great quality time for both you and your pet. This works well because when a dog lies down on his side, he is showing total submission. An alpha dog will never assume this position with a dog who is subordinate to him. So, by making him lie on his side, you are letting him know that you are the leader and he is the follower. If you do this regularly, you dog will look forward to his grooming sessions and will have no problem submitting to you.

A pack leader can do anything and they can also make their followers do anything without any complaints. Once you put these five tips into practice, your dog will soon learn that he is the follower and you are the alpha leader. He will then be more willing to listen to you and learn what you are trying to teach him.

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